What is it: 

A convenient tool for applying Renee Cruelty Free EyeLashes

Effortlessly place eyelashes as close to the lash line as possible.

Apply False Eyelashes like a PRO using Renee by Aashka Goradia Professional Eyelash Applicator.

Designed for seamless application, this beginner friendly tool allows you to precisely pick up and apply Renee false eyelashes directly to your lash line.  Durable Stainless steel core, custom engineered, the curve is designed for all eye shapes,  place and secure false eyelashes  for long hours. Available in two colors.


Baby Pink.

How to Use:

Use Renee Professional Eyelash Applicator to remove Renee Falsies from the tray.

Lightly rest the lash band along the lash line and trim any excess band as needed to fit your eye shape.

Hold the outer corner of the lash band with the tip of the lash applicator and apply a small amount of eyelash glue along the entire length of the band. 

Allow the glue to rest for 20 -25 seconds. 

Using the applicator, place the lash band directly onto the natural lash line, aligning the outer end of the band with the outer corner of the eye. Press down all along the band and lash line using the curved side of the applicator, securing the false lashes in place. 

Focus on pressing down the inner and outer corners of the band.

After the application, it is recommended to rest your head level, look downwards for 2-3 minutes to let the lash glue dry completely.

To Remove:

Starting from the outer corner or inner corner of the eye, gently peel away the lashes using the lash applicator.

Remove excess glue from the lashes and eyes using any oil based makeup remover. This will help lashes last.



Baby Pink, Gold


long, small


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